Views of ABC News Digital Content (May 2016)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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The Views of ABC News Digital Content dataset provides both the number of page/screen views per hour for individual pieces of ABC News content and metadata related to each piece of content. The data is taken from across different ABC digital platforms during the month of May 2016. These platforms include the ABC News desktop and mobile websites and the ABC app (both iOS and Android versions).

Each piece of content is represented by its ID and is consistent for the same piece of content across platforms. The URL of the content can be recreated using the platform and this ID. For example, for the “News” platform and id “7373616”, the URL is retrieved using “”. The content ID is the key which joins the Traffic data with the Content Metadata. The data set covers the period from 2016-05-01 00:00:00 to 2016-05-31 23:59:59.

Rights information

This data includes metadata about existing publicly available stories. In general terms, developers are free to use this data to explore ABC’s content. But original stories and images should always be linked to. Stories and photos should not be reproduced in whole on another service.

The stories themselves and their associated media items still remain the property of ABC and other rights holders where noted. Full details of copyright and more are listed on


Sarah Bolt

Senior Data Scientist – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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