National Regional Profile 2010-14

Australian Bureau of Statistics

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The National Regional Profile (NRP) provides insight into the socio-economic and environmental characteristics of regions. Data are arranged under the broad themes of Economy, Industry, People, and Energy and Environment.

The NRP presents data for 2010-14 for Local Government Areas, Australian Statistical Geography Standard regions (Statistical Areas 2, 3 and 4, and Greater Capital City Statistical Areas), States/Territories and Australia.

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API Endpoints

  • SOAP: []
  • ReST (XML):

Dataset Codes

  • ABS_REGIONAL_ASGS - by Australian Statistical Geography Standard regions (SA2 and above)

  • ABS_REGIONAL_LGA - by Local Government Area (2010-14), States/Territories and Australia)


Example call (ReST (XML) via CORS proxy

What was the total value (in $AU millions) of construction for the City of Newcastle in 2014?""

(Note the use of quotes so that the &endTime=2014 isn’t passed as part of the argument but as part of the target URI.)