3D Geologic Models of Australia

Geoscience Australia

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Geoscience Australia (GA) has created a unique collection of 3D structural and geological models and model inputs for Australia and its near shore regions.

Currently the collection contains a variety of 3D volumetric models and surfaces that were produced for specific projects at regional to continental scale. The approximately 40 regional scale models in the collection cover roughly 1/3 of the Australian continent. The models capture 3D stratigraphy and architecture, including the depth to bedrock and the locations of different major rock units, faults and geological structures. The geologic models represent the integration of geophysical surveys, seismic surveys, borehole data, field geology, and geochemical data, the majority of which will now be available through this and other RDSI collections.

In their current form, the 3D models provide a valuable input to simulations of geological processes. However, the plan over time is to use the HPC capability at NCI and the large storage volumes available to dynamically integrate the various models and geological, geochemical and geophysical derivative products to then create a unified 3D model for the entire continent.

Separately and then cumulatively, these models will provide an important new basis for describing and understanding Australian geologic evolution and resource wealth.Currently there are no international open standards for the development and storage of 3D geological models, which is why they are difficult to integrate or stitch into nationally integrated data sets. The lack of consistency of the models means that each has to be transformed into formats compatible with existing HP modelling and simulation software. It is hoped that through exposing these 3D geological models into a HP collaborative environment that this will foster and accelerate the development of international standards and tools necessary for the assimilation of 3D geological models into a variety of HP programs1.Alternative catalogues can be found at: http://www.ga.gov.au/search/index.html#/ GeoCat #74404 http://researchdata.ands.org.au/search/ http://data.gov.au http://find.ga.gov.au/


David Lescinsky

Team lead HPC Science, Geological Modeller – Geoscience Australia

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