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Geoscience Australia

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EarthSci is an Eclipse RCP platform for creating applications for the visualisation of earth science data. It is an evolution of the existing GA World Wind Suite built on the NASA World Wind Java SDK.

The vision for EarthSci is to take the best features of the GA World Wind Suite (Geological model support, WMS/WFS support, tiled data preparation, keyframe animation etc.) and combine them with the best features of the Eclipse platform (modular plugin architecture, in-built help, native windowing, model-based UI) to create a flexible platform with powerful science visualisation features. As development progresses more and more features will be added.

For more information on the project, see the Wiki.

Further details about the EarthSci data visualisation tool can be found here in GitHub:


David Lescinsky

Team lead HPC Science, Geological Modeller – Geoscience Australia

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