IAG Flood Data


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IAG are pleased to announce the release of a national dataset containing a view of flood risk across Australia. The released data is available at an address and an aggregated level. The address level data provides granular flood risk information via an api and is based on the GNAF February 2016 release. The second level of released data is aggregated at an administrative boundary level and available as bulk data, providing users with an overview of flood risk at a regional/national level.

The data used for identifying the degree of flood risk is a combination of IAG modelling, industry sourced data, and local and state government data. The insurance industry is uniquely positioned in its ability to relate a physical risk into a financial risk through its exposure to claims data and the released dataset utilises these depth-damage functions to derive the risk categories supplied in the national dataset. It should be noted that the data represents a financial risk and consequently are not suitable to assess potential risk to life, public safety etc.

In releasing the data, IAG hope to assist in informing the general public on flood risk at their property and surrounding communities. The data release ties in with IAG’s core mission of making your world a safer place by:

  1. Improving awareness of flood risk to property owners and communities.
  2. Promoting self mitigation, especially in areas with significant flood risks.
  3. Improving risk communication and coordination between general public, related government agencies and industries.
  4. Promoting information sharing to benefit communities.
  5. Attracting new innovations in communicating and visualisation of risks.