Access Features and Barriers in Sydney City

City of Sydney

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This data includes the locations of barriers to access in public spaces in the Central Sydney CBD area.

  1. Barriers - that make it hard for people to get around - e.g. Stairs
  2. Access supports - infrastructure that helps people with different disability on street mobility parking, accessible parking on commercial parking stations, Public toilets, including accessible toilets. taxi ranks, including secure taxi ranks that are supervised by staff during peak times.
  3. General transport hubs and key services - e.g Train stations, Light rail stations, ferry wharves, Police stations and Hospitals.

The city wants to make the City more inclusive and accessible for people with disability. The natural topography of our city means that steep hills, stairs and other features can make it hard for people who use wheelchairs, families with prams and older people to get around.

Imagine you are single parent family with a pram coming to an event in the City, and you want to explore the City, but you want to avoid stairs as you cant lift the pram by yourself. Or you use a wheelchair, and you cant climb steep hills because you will roll backwards if you try. What if you have a medicial issue like IBS and just cant walk long distances without having a nearby toilet? Or maybe you broke your leg playing sports, but want to join the team for the end of season drinks at the Glenmore Hotel in the Rocks, but you just don’t think you can make it up Margaret street on your crutches because it is too steep.

How can this data help you plan a journey or navigate your way in real time. What happens if there is a road closure, and you cant use the footpath?

Understanding where these features are allows people to plan their journey. this data could be used in conjunction with other open source data such as data that calculates where the steep (3.8% incline and above) and moderately steep ( 2.5-3.7% incline hills are) to provide new ways for people to plan their journeys and navigate in the City and still be a part of all the great things the City has to offer.

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