Geelong Thermal Imagery

City of Greater Geelong

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Thermal Imagery was captured in Jan 2013, the data displays an anomaly in that general surface temperatures increase from west to east. We are looking to correct inconsistencies in the Thermal Imagery conditions dataset and produce a more accurate dataset for future publication.

Spatial accuracy of at least + or - 2.0m between frames/tiles, + or -5m against supplied cadastre for mosaic, across 95% of the project area

The A615 camera acquires data on a 640x480 pixel sensing array of long wave (8 to 12 microns).

Pixels are meant to attribute to precision of at least 0.05 degrees Celsius (+or -2%)

The Look Up Table and Equation attempt by the City of Greater Geelong can also be found in the dataset.

Although all due care has been taken to ensure that these data are correct, We have identified this dataset is not and no warranty is expressed or implied by the City of Greater Geelong in their use.