Shark Hazard API

WA Department of Fisheries

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Shark hazard information provided in Western Australia. Consists of;

  • Reported shark sightings. These are all shark sightings reported to the Water Police Coordination Centre. In Western Australia the Water Police Coordination Centre is the single channel for reporting all shark sightings from lifeguards, government agencies, or the public.
  • Tagged shark detections. These are notifications triggered when a shark fitted with an acoustic transmitter (also known as a tag) swims within 500m of a satellite-linked receiver. There are 25 satellite linked receivers in waters across the state.
  • Any alerts issued when there is an increased risk of encountering a shark due to an ongoing environmental condition, such as the presence of a whale carcass in shallow waters or high density of schooling fish.

Reported shark sightings and tagged shark detections are provided as aggregated data for GovHack, and alerts are provided as an .xls file.

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