2015-16 Western Australia Budget Economic and Fiscal Outlook Table and Chart Data

Department of Treasury

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Tables and data underlying all chapters and appendices included in 2015-16 Budget Paper Number 3 - Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

Includes data from chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: Overview Chapter 2: The Western Australian Economy Chapter 3: Financial Projections and Fiscal Strategy Chapter 4: General Government Revenue Chapter 5: General Government Expenses Chapter 6: Asset Investment Chapter 7: Royalties for Regions Appendix 1: Detailed Financial Projections Appendix 2: General Government Operating Revenue Appendix 3: 2014-15 General Government Operating Revenue Appendix 4: The Treasurer’s Advance Appendix 5: Special Purpose Accounts Appendix 6: State Government Social Concessions Expenditure Statement Appendix 7: Asset Investment Program - Summary of Expenditure and Source of Funds Appendix 8: Public Corporations - Impact on General Government Revenue and Expenses Appendix 9: Tariffs, Fees and Charges Appendix 10: Tax and Royalty Expenditure Statement Appendix 11: Allocation of Asset Investment Program Efficiency Savings

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