Participant Handbook Competition Rules 2016

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What can I submit as a hack?

A Hack is when you take something and make it better! This is an open data competition so you need to reuse official open data in a clever and creative way.

Entries could include, art, jewellery, a digital sign, a board game, historic film pieces, a virtual reality game, internet of things (IOT), a digital sensor display, a 3D model, a visualisation of data, an informed article and of course some amazing web apps! We only limit you to your imagination.

Prize categories can help provide inspiration to shape your ideas, as can mentors sop don’t be afraid to tap into the resources on hand for ideas.

It’s only 46 hours, so many of concepts entered are prototypes, mock ups, models, smaller scale artworks and even engineering design concepts from our maker community. Of course we have had some very crafty teams deliver live apps within the time frame. Your proof of concepts should be showcased in someway in your 3 minute video submission.

Submitting your entry

Hackerspace (opened on the Friday of the competition at 7pm) is the Official GovHack competition submission site and allows you to submit all components required for your team’s Govhack entry.

Note: submission elements and times are system controlled so not extensions are available! Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry on Hackerspace:

  • Register all Team members in Hackerspace

All team members must be registered as a user with their email. This ensures you get an invite to awards nights and so you can receive any awards you may win.

  • A descriptive project page must be created for each project

    • Team members and Team Captain

    • Project Description

    • An image that best captures your concept e.g a logo or Image.

    • Nominate Prize Categories - nominate for multiple prizes and from all levels of competition that you can view including International, National, Regional and Local prizes.Check you fulfill any special Prize category eligibility criteria such as a specific datasets.

    • Nominate for Team awards available this year

  • Record data used - For each significant dataset you use record the URL and explain how this data was used in your entry. For each prize category you nominate make sure you check for any specific data reuse eligibility requirements and record the data. This field will be used to validate the eligibility of your entry.

  • Evidence Repository URL (Mandatory) This is your proof of concept.** **You must provide evidence of your work over the weekend any code, graphics,plans, drawings, data analysis and cleansing, mashups, applications, website URLs, models, photos of each stage to create your artistic representations. Submit a link to a digital repository such as a Google Drive or Dropbox shared folder (public) or a Git repository such as public GitHub or public BitBucket

  • ** A maximum 3 minute Video entry - (Mandatory, must submit actual Video URL not link to another website)** This a video pitch of your entry that tells a story of how you have reused data. The video should demonstrate your hack concept, the benefits or value the concept could achieve and where possible introduce your team. The most common method is to use a screencast, with a voice-over narration.

    • Note: Judges will stop watching videos after 3 minutes
  • Demo URL (Optional) If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging.

Timeframes to register and submit:

  • 7pm Friday Local time – Hackerspace opens and prize categories are announced for your region

  • 12pm Saturday Local time-all competitors must register as a user on Hackerspace.

  • 5pm Saturday Local time – A Team Project Page and your prize category nomination must be completed in Hackerspace. Record all your team members on your project page and the URL to your evidence repository (proof of concept). No new projects pages can be created after this time. You are still able to edit your project page after this time.

  • 3pm sunday - finalise your project page including the URL of datasets and how you have used the data.

  • 4pm Sunday Local time – Your video should be finalised and a URL linking to your video created to load on your Project page. It may take some time for your video to load once you have started the process but get the URL entered on your page.

  • 5pm Sunday local time – You MUST have all parts of your competition entry submitted by 5:00pm Local time.

    • A descriptive project page

    • Prize categories nominated

    • Data used - URLs

    • Evidence Repository URL

    • Video URL

    • Demo URL (Optional)

Using Open Data

You will find the list of Official data available for the GovHack competition in the Official Datasets list. You must use at least one Official dataset to be eligible for prizes. Official Data includes individual datasets featured and all data discoverable on official Government data portals that are published on the Official Dataset list.

You will need to Record the URL of the most prominent data you have used on your Hackerspace project page. Remember judges love to see their data reused :)

For each prize category you enter, please check the eligibility requirements to see if any specific data needs to be reused to meet judges criteria. To maximize your chances to win National and Local prizes we recommend you mash up National and Local official data, giving you a chance in as many categories as possible.

Some datasets listed on data portals may have additional resources available with further information on how to use the data or other supporting material. You are encouraged to download and use these resources.

Several competition goals require entries must use at least one of the datasets provided for this contest, but you are free to use data from the official GovHack list or other datasets as long as their licensing terms permit usage for this purpose. You may also use any publicly accessible web services as long as it does not incur a financial cost to use (private and subscription APIs are prohibited due to licensing issues and barrier to entry).

Eligibility for Prizes

A team can be one person or more. We recommend teams that are 3 to 6 people is best.

To be eligible for prizes, individual entrants must be either an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a current Australian or New Zealand resident (this includes temporary student residents). It’s only fair – it is an Australian and New Zealand GovHack competition after all.

At least one team member must be over 18 (Or a guardian must be registered as the Representative to facilitate prizes).

For all Virtual Team competitors you must be a resident of the state or territory to participate and have one team member who has attended an event over the competition weekend.

Judges expect entries to be primarily developed throughout the weekend of GovHack. If submissions are shown to have been worked on before the weekend, the submission will be ineligible for prizes. This does not include reuse or extension of existing software, libraries or data sets. Entrants may be members of multiple teams but each team must be registered separately and each team has one entry. There is no maximum team size.

No judges will be eligible to compete for prizes, and individuals from organisations or companies are also not eligible for prizes sponsored by their organisation. Mentors/speakers are eligible to compete for prizes, but judges reserve the right to disqualify a mentor/speaker if they perceive unfairness.

Nature of Submission

Don’t do bad things. This contest has been designed to demonstrate the benefit of open data and open government. Please participate in and engage with the contest in that spirit and in good faith. You must not include submissions that are:

  • potentially libellous, false, defamatory, privacy invasive or overtly political;

  • material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss;

  • any commercial endorsement, promotion of any product, service or publication;

  • language which is offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate; or

  • misleading, deceptive, violate a third party’s rights or are otherwise contrary to law.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the letter and spirit of these rules.

Authorised materials

You agree to only include code, data, or other materials in a submission for the GovHack contest that you have the right to use and release consist with these Contest Rules.

All code and APIs must be available under an appropriately open license that allows reuse, commercial use, remixing and redistribution. As the owner of the code you can of course fork that code and commercialise if you want, but to be eligible for the competition, the codebase and demonstration submitted must be open sourced. All other content submitted must be Creative Commons BY licensed. For instance you may choose to submit an incredible dynamic or static data visualisation as your team contribution.

The reason for the open licensing of code and content is because GovHack is about awesome outcomes that anyone can use and build on. Great innovation comes from building on the greatness of those who came before.

Entrants consent to GovHack representatives using their name, likeness, image and/or voice in any media for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for any publicity and marketing purposes.

Most datasets available for this contest have been released under a permissive licence such as the Creative Commons Attribution license 4.0. You can also use other material that has been released on similarly liberal terms (ie. it is in the public domain (eg. US Government materials) or released under another, compatible Creative Commons license, the Free Documentation License, the MIT license or BSD license etc.).You can use non- Government data licenced for reuse, however remember this is GovHack so you must use some official Government datasets.

Right to remove

Submissions and comments will be posted live, but occasionally they may not make it through our anti-trolling and anti-spamming filters and may need to be moderated manually. We reserve the right to remove or not post any submission that reasonably appears to breach any of these rules.


The GovHack team makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including warranties of accuracy, in regard to any submissions or links published on the GovHack website.

GovHack should be an awesome experience for everyone. Be nice, play fair, or go home.

Nominating for prizes

All prizes you can compete for will be announced on 29 July at your registered Official GovHack Location 2016 launch party at 7pm! After then you can find the prizes listed on the Competition Portal and Hackerspace . Teams are eligible for some great prizes, including:

  • International Prizes categories

  • Major Prize categories

  • Bounty Prize categories

  • Statewide prizes

  • Location prizes

  • Development prizes

You must nominate which prizes you are competing for on your HackerSpace project page. You are able to nominate for multiple prizes categories and are encouraged to nominate for at least Major, Statewide and local prize.

For development prizes we encourage you to only nominate this prize if you or your team plan to utilise the development opportunity provided by our generous sponsors. This helps ensure teams who could benefit from the prize do not miss out.

Team Prizes

There are a few prizes for particular categories of participants. Teams must self-nominate in the HackerSpace for the category that best describes their team and declare the eligible members. Team awards can be nominated if over 75% of your team members identify with the nominated team category.

  • A youth is anyone 18 years or younger.

  • To be eligible for the Best Higher Education award please provide relevant email/organisation details.

Spirit Prizes

Each GovHack event crew will nominate the Spirit of GovHack Award nomination from their event. Spirit Prizes are not nominated by competitors in Hackerspace This recognises an individual that displays the greatest spirit of GovHack, aka the best “hacker” ethos. This means the person who best helped others, shared, learned or applied their skills creatively or cleverly. Local Spirit award Nominations are in the running to win the GovHack State Spirit Award. This award is a Golden Ticket to the GovHack Red Carpet Awards with flights and accommodation included! Some Local event will also have some other spirit prizes to issue at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Administration of Prize Awards

Each Prize Category includes details of the award that you are nominating. Sponsors generously support the event with contribution to event running costs, awards nights and prizes. The value of cash awards has been determined based on expected costs of the event as at 26 July 2016 and we are confident they are correct. As Govhack is a not-for-profit community event GovHack Global Operations Team (GOT) reserves the right to amend the value of the prize if the GovHack event has outstanding expenses that have not been covered by sponsorship. Cash awards will be administered through GovHack GOT following the relevant awards nights and reconciliation of all event related expenses. If prize values are changed you will be notified accordingly. Development prizes are administered by the sponsor who has contributed the prize. GovHack event coordinators will facilitate an introduction following the relevant awards. GovHack GOT accepts no liability if benefits of development prizes are not delivered.

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