Participant Handbook Judging Criteria

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Judging Criteria

All GovHack entries will be judged by the GovHack Competition Judging Panels against the following criteria:

  • Mandatory elements submitted in Hackerspace on time

  • relevance to the prize category description

  • specific prize eligibility criteria detailed (if any) e.g. data use

  • originality of concept

  • civic value

  • visual design and usability

  • degree to which open data has been used

  • technical or creative skills demonstrated


The GovHack competition judges will choose all winners. The judging panels for prizes will consist of a mix of GovHack organisers, government agency representatives and industry sponsors as appropriate for each prize.

All Submission elements detailed in Submitting your entry section of this document must be completed by the required time. No requests for extensions will be considered. Final arbiter is the judging panel whose decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. This is a competition of skill. Chance plays no part in this competition. Judges are not eligible to compete for prizes and can not judge teams where a conflict of interest may arise.

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