Help and Support

At your venue

Your first point of contact is our event host and their local event team. They will be present and active at the venue!


You can also reach out to data mentors, technical mentors and business mentors. The portal page has a listing of mentors attending your event.

Additionally you could try the "offline method" (your mileage may vary) where you look around for mentors gracing the floor at your venue (Hosts and event teams will be more than happy to point them out for you).

Lastly the Slack channel #talk-with-mentors may be interesting to you.

Mentor Type What you can ask them about
Data Specific datasets that they are knowledgeable about; whether or not a particular dataset will work for the idea that you have.
Technical How to build your ideas, including dashboards, websites, programming, and deploying/hosting your hack.
Business Developing concepts and ideas into practical use cases, pitches, and minimum viable products.
Remote Some mentors are also happy to be contacted via email or other channel as indicated on their mentor profile page.

Slack channel and community

Register yourself for GovHackHQ Slack Direct access to GovHackHQ Slack

There's a link in the top-right of this site. Not only do you get access to the hosts and organisers, but also to the other members of the fantastic GovHack community.

Here's how to find your way around our Slack channels

In Slack, you can pick which channels to join by clicking on the Channels heading

Choose a channel in Slack

Aside from the General, Random, etc channels, we also have channels for each event, and channels for each topic/data custodian/software/mentor and more. Happy Slacking!

Channel name Example What can you expect to find?
The usual channels #general, #random Hellos and chit chat
Mentor "speed dating" #talk-with-mentors Ask mentors online from around Aus/NZ
#hack-<event-name> #hack-brisbane, #hack-sydney-official, and more The channel for your event. Chat to people on your floor!
#talk-<about-data> #talk-geo-and-maps, #talk-stats, and more Data-themed convos on regional data, or data concepts
#talk-<about-platforms> #talk-bluemix, #talk-tech, and more Techy questions welcome here
Handbook #talk-handbook Questions or chatter about Handbook


The link for Hackerspace 2016 is and will open at 7pm on the Friday of the competition. Read our chatper about submitting to find out what you need to do on Hackerspace.

If you are experiencing trouble with ave you asked your hosts yet? It's quite possible that another competitor had the same problem resolved for them!