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IBM are offering a free 90-day trial of Bluemix for GovHack participants

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform-as-a-service for building innovative applications at speed. GovHack participants can spin up building blocks in the Bluemix catalog, such as data cleansing, analytics, and cognitive capabilities, to compose sophisticated applications in a short time. For example, Bluemix enables you to create a database instance and a PHP runtime in minutes without having to install any server, and you can start leveraging weather information, Twitter, and cognitive capabilities such as text analytics to enrich your application. You can either use Bluemix to build the entire app, or mix and match this platform with IaaS and other tools to speed up your project.

IBM offers a 90-day trial of Bluemix for GovHack participants. IBM technical mentors will be available over the course of the weekend at various locations during the hackathon to help you.

You can register for Bluemix now at www.bluemix.net

To get started with Bluemix, here is a link to information and tutorials.

Any team that uses one or more Watson services or Data and Analytics services from the IBM Bluemix catalog will go into the draw to win a prize for their team.

Last updated: 2016-07-25T07:11:48.836Z