Do you like designing? Working with data? Perhaps you like developing mobile apps, games, web sites? And you probably love helping people too!? Great!

You’re going to really enjoy GovHack. It’s where designers, developers and data gurus work together over a weekend to create applications, visualisations and tools from data sets provided by local, state and federal government agencies. There are big prizes to be won, and participating in GovHack looks fantastic on your resume. You don’t have to be super technical, although it helps - but we need your ideas, passion and energy. GovHack Parramatta

Opening Hours: Friday 6:00pm - Sunday 6:00pm

This event will be open for the full 46 hour duration of the competition. Participants are encouraged to bring a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow (and deodorant) to allow for sleep recharging and freshening over the weekend.

Venue Details

Event Host
Andrew Perry – Open Local - email

Level 2, 96 Phillip Street, Parramatta NSW 2154

Open/Close times

Friday 29th July
06:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 30th July
08:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Sunday 31st July
08:00 AM – 07:30 PM

Snacks, Drinks, Tea and Coffee will all be provided. Main meals will be able to be purchased from local cafes etc.

Building accessibility

Fully wheelchair accessible

Under 18 participants

At this Venue you must be accompanied by a Guardian at all times

Public transport

Venue is 10 minute walk from Parramatta Station and there is a shuttle bus that goes from the station to the venue ever 15 minutes. Venue is also located right next to the Parramtta Ferry.

Last call for public transport

The last train going to central is at 12.30am.


The is metered street parking available at the venue.

Local Prizes

Prizes that only participants at Parramatta can compete for!

City of Parramatta Civic Hack (City of Parramatta Council)

The best concept that empowers people to get to know and participate in their local community.

State Prizes

Prizes that all participants in New South Wales can compete for!

Acceleration Award GovHack NSW (NetApp)

The concept most likely to succeed by a team who wishes to move their solutions forward, the prize is intended to help them in their journey.

Helping Schools Respond to Disasters (Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education)

The Best Entry that supports schools to plan and respond to a physical disaster. Schools are responsible for the safety of their students and staff. When threatened with a physical disaster, such as a bushfire that may affect an entire neighbourhood , schools need to be able to become aware of the danger and act accordingly. This includes taking into account any special medical needs that students and staff may have at each of the affected schools. Coordinating with emergency services is a critical part of this situation. Parents and guardians need communication and teachers need support. Reuse data to find insights, develop tools or plan response initiatives that improve a school’s ability to respond to a physical disaster.

Lifting the Barriers (Council of the City of Sydney)

The best entry that lifts the mobility barriers throughout the Sydney CBD. Currency of data and static paper-based maps lead to poor experience and support to overcome barriers. There are many challenges you could tackle and resolve including; improved enagagment in planning, data collection and distribution, impacts and opportunities for major event planning, enhanced pedestrian/mobility route planning, awareness and future planning to support an aging population that will be faced with mobility challenges. You could also consider a user experience designed mobility barrier mapping that is driven by reliable data.

Smart Cities & Collaborative Economy (Department of Finance, Services and Innovation)

Best Entry that supports us to create, share, collaborate and use information to create better cities.

Travelling with Us (Transport NSW)

The Best Entry that supports an improved Transport NSW experience for passengers traveling with us or planning their journey

Vibrant Sydney Night-time Economy (Committee of Sydney)

The best entry that support a vibrant and safe sydney night-time economy. The Liquor Amendment Act 2014(NSW) introduced in direct response to alcohol related violence (two deaths) around the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross. Consider the impact of these laws and help the city to be great. Entries in this category may consider safety, transport, night-time economy, impacts on new night time activity hotspots, impact of lock out laws, social and cultural contributions to metropolitan Sydney, positive drinking behaviours. Entries could also concider: evaluation of initiatives or new concepts that support a vibrant and safe sydney nightlife. If lock out laws have shifted nighttime activity to outside the lock out zone and the impact this has, allocation of grant funding to areas with high night time activity

Official Local Datasets

Datasets from your local governments and sponsors. Check out the official datasets list for much more!

Parramatta City Council

Parramatta Datasets

A collection of interesting datasets curated by Parramatta City Council.

City of Sydney

Access Features and Barriers in Sydney City

This data includes the locations of barriers to access in public spaces in the Central Sydney CBD area.

NSW Government

NSW Early Childhood Education and Care program locations

NSW Early Childhood Education and Care program locations

NSW government school locations

Location information for NSW government schools, including lat/longs. Dataset changes as required

NSW Government Schools by Bushfire Category

NSW Government Schools by Bushfire Category

NSW Non-Government School Locations

NSW Non-Government School Locations

NSW University Locations

NSW University Locations by campus

Public Transport - Facilities and Operators

Operator contact details and location facilities for train stations, ferry wharves and bus interchanges in CSV format

Public Transport - Realtime - Alerts

Realtime alerts at either the stop, trip, or service line level in GTFS-realtime format for Buses, Ferries, Light Rail and Trains.

Public Transport - Realtime - Trip Updates

Stop time updates for active trips, replacement vehicles, and changed stopping patterns in GTFS-realtime format for Buses, Ferries, Light Rail and Trains

Public Transport - Realtime - Vehicle Positions

Current vehicle positions in GTFS-realtime format for Buses, Ferries, Light Rail and Trains

Public Transport - Timetables - Complete - GTFS

Static timetables, stop locations, and route shape information in GTFS format for all operators, including regional, trackwork and transport routes not available in realtime feeds. Note: Identifiers do not match the realtime APIs

Public Transport - Timetables - Complete - TransXChange

Static timetables and stop locations in TransXChange (TXC) format for all operators, including regional and private operators and routes not currently available in realtime feeds. Note: Identifiers do not match the realtime APIs

Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime

Static timetables, stop locations, and route shape information in GTFS format for operators that support realtime

Public Transport and Roads data sets including Real time data

There are a number of data sets and feeds available including roads realtime, public transport realtime, scheduled data, live traffic data, loading zones and more!

Roads - Realtime - Cameras

Image URL, GPS coordinates, and view description of traffic cameras in GeoJSON format

Roads - Realtime - Hazards

Incidents, Fires, Floods, Alpine Conditions, Major Events and Roadworks information including GPS coordinates in GeoJSON format

Roads - Realtime - Site Status

Current status of the Live Traffic NSW website in JSON format

Roads - Realtime

Travel times and acceleration events across NSW roads in JSON format

Roads - Static - Loading Zones - Kerbside

Location of Sydney CBD kerbside loading zones (for use by delivery vehicles when loading or unloading goods) by street and time of day (hourly) in JSON and XLS (MS Excel) formats

Roads - Static - Parking - Off-Street

Parking spaces that are available for service and delivery drivers in Sydney’s CBD (at commercial rates) in GeoJSON and CSV formats

State Data Portals

Major government data portals from all over New South Wales. Check out the official datasets list for much more!


The data portal for all NSW Government data.

Local Mentors

Mark Dalby

Principal Analyst – NSW Government

Robert Barnett

Medical Physicist – Western Sydney LHD

Tom Park

Director – Deloitte

State Mentors

Adam Baxter

Code Monkey – Shared Services Centre / Department of Employment

Aileen Lin

Data Scientist – Cuscal

Amir Shenavandeh

AWS Support Engineer (Big Data) – Amazon Web Services

Andrew Wilson

Cloud Support Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Angela Bee

Founder – Hackathons Australia

Ann Hoban

Director City Life – City of Sydney

Anna Rigg

Social Policy Officer – City of Sydney

Anthony Nolan

Innovation Officer / Data Scientist / Intelligence Analyst – Australian Taxation Office

Anthony Tockar

Data Scientist – CBIG Consulting

Arnav Sharma

Engineer – Microsoft MVP

Aun Iftikhar

Cloud Support Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Aurelie Jacquet

Senior Legal Counsel – Own

Ben Fellows

Head of Engineering – Teem Software Limited

Betty Machalias

A/Director Performance Reporting, Corporate Governance and Performance – Family and Community Services

Blair Hudson

Innovation Portfolio Manager - Data Science – Pepper Group Limited

Boris Manitius

Cloud Platform Specialist – IBM

Craig Murphy

Cloud Specialist – IBM

Dan Siepen

Co-founder - Product Manager & Designer – Coder Factory

david marcus

Manager, Performance Reporting and Projects – NSW Government

David Phillips

Spatial Data Analyst – NSW Government

Ed Lima

Cloud Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Edwin Nguyen

Project Manager – IBM

Frances Jones

Big Data Consultant – CBIG Consulting

Geoffrey Huntley

Software Engineer –

Hamish Thorburn

Senior Research Officer – NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Hugh Saalmans

Location Engineering Director – IAG

Ingrid van Uden

Client Executive – IBM

Israel Perez

Senior Frontend Engineer – healthdirect

James Gregory

Lead Software Consultant – ThoughtWorks

Jannatun Haque

General Manager, Journey Information & Digital – Roads and Maritime Services

Jenny Coppock

Business Development Officer – Australian Taxation Office

Jerry Cho

Cloud Support Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Jing He

Auditor – Australian Taxation Office

Joe Ortenzi

Senior UX Architect – Objective Corporation Ltd

Joel Hampton

SysAdmin / DevOps Engineer – Digivizer

Justin Dombrowski

Sr. Manager, FinTech Innovation & Blockchain Technology, ASEANZ – PwC

Linley Scorgie

General Manager – Tech Pilot Fund

Louis Dang

Software Development Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Louise Bakhos

Government Enterprise Rep – IBM

Luke Travers

Cloud Support Engineer – Amazon Web Services

Marko Kovacevic

Senior Access and Availability Officer – Roads & Maritime Services

Michael Sarroff

Digital Media Teacher – TAFE NSW

Neil Roodyn

Director – nsquared

Nick Bartzis

Flood Risk Manager – IAG

Nicole Mahoney

Spatial Analyst – NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Pradeep Thakur

Software Development Manager – Legal Aid NSW

Prasadh Mohanathasan

Statistical Analyst – Roads and Maritime Services

Robert Williams

Senior Data Miner – Australian Taxation Office

Roman Kovalenko

Lead Business Analyst – SolveXia

Rustum Abdurahman

Manager, Online Services – NSW Government

Sainath Kev

Principal Architect Cloud – Microsoft

Sarah Bolt

Senior Data Scientist – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Shannon Gernyi

Cloud Support Engineer (Networking) – Amazon Web Services

Steven Chan

Digital Sales Graduate – IBM

Tim Nedyalkov

CTO/Head of Product – OurSay.Org

Tim Stokes

Technical Architect – Healthdirect Australia

Venus Izadi

Software Developer/Consultant – ThoughtWorks

Victor Li

Technical Lead – NSW Government

Vinod Ralh

Strategic Advisor, Founder – irel8

Virginia Wheway

Senior Analytics Expert – HoustonKemp Pty Ltd

Yvonne Lee

Manager Open Data and Innovation – Transport for NSW

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