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GovHack is coming to Logan!

Logan is placed in fastest growing region of South East Queensland and has held its inaugural GovHack Logan 2016 event, at the Meadowbrook Campus in Logan at Griffith University with the support of Logan City Council and Griffith University.

What is GovHack by the way?

GovHack is a 46 hour open data competition which draws together people from government, industry, academia and the general public to reuse and remix government data in new and innovative ways to benefit our community. It gives participants the chance to create anything with open government data, such as art, jewellery, board games, historic film pieces, data visualisations and of course web apps. The only limit is your imagination.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Entrepreneurs, developers, data analysts, engineers, designers, digital media creators, artists, film makers, story tellers, academics, researchers, planners, social enterprises …

Venue Details

Event Host
Ashish Shah - email
Event Team
Marion Lawie, Joan Culverhouse, Deepak Parmar, Jignesh Trivedi, Raxa Trivedi

University Dr, Meadowbrook QLD 4131

Open/Close times

Friday 29th July
05:30 PM – 09:10 PM
Saturday 30th July
08:30 AM – 09:10 PM
Sunday 31st July
08:30 AM – 07:10 PM


Building accessibility

Meadowbrook Room 4.07; Logan Campus is wheelchair friendly.

Under 18 participants

At this Venue you must be accompanied by a Guardian at all times

Public transport

Bus: You can catch the bus from a variety of locations around the city, including Browns Plains, the Logan Hyperdome, Grand Plaza Shopping Centre and Loganlea train station.
Train: The nearest train station is Loganlea, and a bus runs between the station and our campus every 30 minutes.

Last call for public transport

To be checked on Translink website


University campus, plenty available.

Local Prizes

Prizes that only participants at Logan can compete for!

Best of Logan - Youth (Logan City Council)

Best youth project developed at the GovHack Logan event.

Best of Logan (Logan City Council)

Best project developed at the GovHack Logan event.

State Prizes

Prizes that all participants in Queensland can compete for!

Advance Queensland! (Queensland Government on behalf of Strategic Policy and Innovation, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation)

The most innovative use of Advance Queensland data. Tell a story about the innovation movement in Queensland which is data rich, creative and visually appealing to engage, inspire a broad audience.

More information and selected datasets are available from and

Age-friendly Community (Queensland Government on behalf of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services)

Best entry that uses open data to support a vision for Queenslanders to live in age-friendly communities that allow people, regardless of their age, to stay active and connected, and to contribute economically, socially and culturally. In particular, an age-friendly community ensures older people are free from age-related barriers.

Best Innovative Use of Data Sets (The University of Queensland - School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering)

Best innovative use of open government data sets.

Brisbane's Art and Heritage (Brisbane City Council)

Awarded to the best entry engaging with Brisbane’s art and heritage events, items, and venues spread across the city.

Create a Cutting Edge Concept - The Science Sandpit! (The Queensland Government on behalf of Science Division, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation)

The best cutting edge concept that reuses Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences data to improve Government Service Delivery through one or more of the following: (A) Information Discoverability and Delivery (visualisation, education and promotion) (B) Community Disaster/Risk Awareness (preparedness and response) (C) Community and Stakeholder Engagement (communication, interaction, multicultural and special needs).

Educate us! (Queensland Government on behalf of the Department of Education and Training)

The best use of government data in a hack which educates the community about a topical issue. Ideally your hack should be able to be used to engage and educate school children; other than this, you are limited only by your imagination and your data hacking skills.

Evacuation - help us get away! (Queensland Government on behalf of the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management)

The best concept to help your community get to safety during evacuations. Queensland is prone to natural disasters and the decision to evacuate away from a hazard is a critical one. Help disaster managers to better plan for evacuations, and help keep the community aware of what might happen if the evacuation need arises. Communities and disaster managers alike are faced with tough choices including: Which communities might require most help to evacuate? Who needs to go first when there is a need to evacuate? How should I get out?

Getting around Brisbane (Brisbane City Council)

Awarded to the best entry that supports a vision of an accessible and connected city. There are many services and significant infrastructure to help Brisbane residents get around the region including cars, public transport, bikeways, city cycle, walking trails and more. What solutions can you create to help people get around Brisbane? Think about a longer term vision for the solution and what needs to be done to make this a reality.

Linking Logan - Getting people out of their cars (Logan City Council)

Best hack that helps Logan residents to get around. Your hack could help identify gaps in the public transport network or allow residents to compare travel times for the transport modes available to them. As long as your hack looks to address transportation and mobility challenges in Logan, you are limited only by your imagination and your data hacking skills.

Logan Land Use and Development (Logan City Council)

Awarded to the most simple and effective use of freely available information about land use and development. Land Development generates interest, investment, and emotion across many sectors: commercial, political, educational, and personal/citizen. What is being done? Where is it being done? When is it being done? Who is doing it? How is it being done? These questions are asked by residential customers seeking to leverage Logan’s affordable housing options and access to services, networks and facilities; businesses looking to relocate or expand; and investors seeking to identify and rate/compare potential opportunities.

Mentoring the Best of Queensland (River City Labs)

Best entry from Queensland.

Open Data and Higher Education Award (Queensland University of Technology (QUT))

The best use of open data to enhance higher education.

Official State Datasets

Datasets from all over Queensland. Check out the official datasets list for much more!

City of Gold Coast

City of Gold Coast Open Data Spatial Datasets

City of Gold Coast has over 90 open data spatial datasets whcih can be with downloaded or accessed drirectly through API’s.

Queensland Government

Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912

These indexes were created from the Registers of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports as kept and used by the Immigration Department from 1848 to 1912. Read more about these immigration...

Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933 to 1963

This index was compiled from the registers of patient deaths as primarily created by the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital between 1933 and 1963. Read more about these hospital registe...

Business Discount Directory

Businesses registered in the Carer and/or the Seniors Business Discount Card scheme which provide discounts or offers to holders of a Seniors Card, a Seniors Card +go, a Seniors Business Discount Card and/or a Carer Business Discount Card and venues participating in the Companion Card scheme.<...

Cardholders Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Cardholders.

Consistent Climate Scenarios

Consistent Climate Scenarios (CCS) data are daily climate projections data for Australian locations for years centred on 2030 and 2050. The data have been developed by adjusting SILO historical climate data according to AR4 based climate projections for 2030 and 2050. Since mid-2012, CCS data ...

Convict Indexes

Between 1788 and 1842 about 80,000 convicts were transported to New South Wales. Of these, about 85% were men and 15% were women. Almost two thirds of convicts were English (along with a small number of Scottish and Welsh), with the Irish making up the remaining one third.

DSITI—Queensland Government Investment Portal (QGIP)

Records of investments in front line service delivery including expenditure records, available funding and data for local government areas.

Environmental characteristics series

This series is based on information extracted from the Soil and Land Information (SALI) database and relates to inherent properties of the landscape which may impact on surface water quality.

General transit feed specification (GTFS)—qconnect

Timetable data and stop locations for all available TransLink divison qconnect urban bus services.

Monthly Supervised Driving Experience Books Approved

Monthly number of approved supervised driving experience books (Learner Driver Logbooks.)

Queensland emergency departments

A list of Queensland emergency departments by facility name

Queensland Flood Mapping Program 2015 series

The Queensland Flood Mapping Program is part of the State Government’s response to the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry. It was completed by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority in 2012-2013 to undertake flood investigations for high risk flood prone townships across the State.

Queensland Resilience Index

The Queensland Resilience Index measures the recognition, recall and actions taken by people in relation to the Get Ready Queensland campaign and gives a measure of public disaster preparedness.

Registers of immigrants 1882 to 1938

This index was compiled from a selection of registers recording immigrant arrivals at various Queensland ports, as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1882 to 1938. Read more about these

Road crash locations - Queensland

This dataset shows the position of vehicular crash incidents in Queensland. This includes fatalities, injuries and vehicular damage. The point of truth for this dataset is the Queensland government open data website at,

Rural properties - Queensland

This dataset shows the extent of named Rural Properties (horticultural or agricultural farms) within the State of Queensland. The data has been compiled from numerous sources to produce a state wide coverage with the boundaries aligned to the Queensland Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). Attri...

Science capability directory

The Queensland Science Capability Directory provides information on the state’s key research capabilities, science expertise, and collaboration and investment opportunities.

State Library of Queensland - British convict transportation registers

This dataset contains details for convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries including name of convict, including any known aliases, place of trial, term of years, name of ship and date of departure, place of arrival. Over 123,000 out of the estimated 160,000 convicts tra...

Tasmanian Convicts - permission to marry (1829-1857).

Convicts applying to marry free people or other convicts. Over 280,000 records (as at 14/4/2016). Available via the Tasmanian Names Index

Tasmanian Deaths (1803-1933)

People who died in Tasmania including some burial records collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 burials only). Available via the Tasmanian Names Index.

Toowoomba prison records 1864 to 1906

These indexes were compiled from Toowoomba prison records including Court book, Discharge book, Prisoners admitted and Register of Female Prisoners. These records were created by HM Goal (later Prison) Toowoomba from 1864 to 1906. Read more about these

Underlying cause of death, selected causes, Queensland

Underlying cause of death, selected causes, Queensland

Australian Bureau of Statistics

ABS.Stat - GovHack instance

ABSGovHack.Stat is our dedicated GovHack instance of our public facing data warehouse - ABS.Stat. If you’re after ABS data via API, start here.

Australian Statistical Geography Standard

The ABS provides geospatial web services for the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) regions.

Characteristics of Temporary Skilled Migrants - GovHack Only Dataset


The Characteristics of Temporary Skilled Migrants test dataset is based on an experimental linked dataset.

National Regional Profile 2010-14

The National Regional Profile (NRP) provides insight into the socio-economic and environmental characteristics of regions. Data are arranged under the broad themes of Economy, Industry, People, and Energy and Environment.

Australian Bureau of Statistics DataPacks

Provides information on languages, population, ages, vehicles etc.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality

Extracted in machine readable form from the AIHW Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality books

Australian hospital statistics 2012-13

Publication Australian hospital statistics 2012-13 can be found on the AIHW Website.

General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) books

Extracted in machine readable form from the AIHW General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) books.

Health expenditure in Australia

Health expenditure occurs where money is spent on health goods and services. It occurs at different levels of government, as well as by non-government entities such as private health insurers and individuals.

Intercountry Adoptions in Australia

Underpinning research conducted by AIHW, this dataset contains comprehensive information on intercountry adoptions in Australia, including the characteristics of adopted children and adoptive families. It also reports on the processing times for intercountry adoption.

Mortality Over Regions and Time (MORT) books

Extracted in machine readable form from the AIHW Mortality Over Regions and Time (MORT) books.

National Drugs Strategy Household Survey

The National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) is a national survey providing cross sectional data on alcohol and other drug use in Australia. The survey also provides estimates of licit and illicit drug use. The survey also measures community attitudes to drug use, and awareness of and c...

Youth Justice Detention Data

Publication Youth detention population in Australia can be found on the AIHW Website.

Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality

Extracted in machine readable form from the AIHW Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality books

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Research Data Finder

Research Data Finder is QUT’s discovery service for research data created or collected by QUT researchers. Designed to promote the visibility of QUT research datasets, Research Data Finder provides descriptions about shareable, reusable datasets available via open or mediated access.

Unity Water

Hydrants Layers

A layer of all Unity Water hyrdrants.

State Data Portals

Major government data portals from all over Queensland. Check out the official datasets list for much more!

Brisbane City Council

The data portal for all Brisbane City Council data.

City of Gold Coast

The data portal for all City of Gold Coast data.

Logan City Council

The data portal for all Logan City Council data. Also available to preview on their ESRI Open Data Map.

Noosa Shire Council

The data portal for all Noosa Shire Council data.

Sunshine Coast Council

The data portal for all Sunshine Coast Council data.

Toowoomba Regional Council

The data portal for all Toowoomba Regional Council data.

The data portal for all QLD Government data.

Local Mentors

Ashish Shah

Asset Strategies and Systems Professional – Logan City Council

Col Clark

ICT lecturer – Griffith University

David Adamson

Business Solutions Program Leader – Logan City Council

Dr Sven Venema

Senior Lecturer – Griffith University

Gervase Tuxworth

ICT Associate Lecturer – Griffith University

Jarrod Trevathan

ICT lecturer – Griffith University

Sharyn Morrow

Sessional academic – Griffith University

Therese Cumner

Senior Policy Officer - Open Data Policy – Queensland Government

State Mentors

Aaron Bycroft

Cause Leader – HSBNE

Adam Ismail

Senior Project Officer – Queensland Government

Andrew McDermott

Assistant Director - Data Integrity – Australian Business Register

Angelique Richmond

Principal Project Officer – Queensland Government

Clarissa Swann

Manager Online Communications – Australian Financial Security Authority

Courtney Williamson

Assistant Director – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Damien Killin

Director, Performance Monitoring and Reporting – Queensland Government

Darren Santer

Coordinator Digital Design and Data – City of Gold Coast

David Ives

Director, Digital Economy Development – Queensland Government

David Wainwright

Director Air Quality Sciences – Queensland Government

Deniz Clarke

Principal Property Officer – Queensland Government

Derek Meggitt

Strategic Planner - Planning & Innovation – Brisbane City Council

Donna Pottinger

Manager, Privacy and Right to Information Unit, Department of Health – Queensland Government

Earl Butterworth

Data Governance – Queensland Government

Einar Oddsson

Principle Policy Officer – Queensland Government

Fernando Rangel

Senior Digital Delivery Officer – City of Gold Coast

Gordon Guymer

Director – Queensland Government

Jacinta Holloway

Senior Project Officer – Australian Bureau of Statistics

James Peet

Chief Digital Officer – Moreton Bay Regional Council

Jared Page

Software Engineer – IBM

Jason Shen

Science Leader – Queensland Government

Jennifer Inoue

Director, Innovation and Transformation – Queensland Government

Kate Diete

Founder & CEO – SwiftPitch

Kelvin Ross

Director – KJR

Lemm Ex

Principal Privacy Officer – Queensland Government

Lisa Blackmore

Open Data Officer – Queensland Government

Louise Robinson

Communications Adviser – Australian Financial Security Authority

Mark Paddenburg

CEO – Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast

Mike Shapland

Director Interoperability and Innovation – Queensland Government

Mitchell Stanton-Cook

An open data focused developer/DevOPs Engineer/Open Knowledge Australia (BNE) – XVT Solutions

Nathan Sanchez-Goodwin

B IT Student + Web Dev – Student - Griffith University

Nathan St John

Graduate – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Paul Cavallaro

A/Director Open Data Policy – Queensland Government

Paul McCann

Founder & CTO – SwiftPitch

Paul Morris

UXD Lead – Symplicit

Paul Stewart

Principal Digital Economy Officer – Queensland Government

Rachael Russo

Statistician – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Randall Fernando

Software Engineer – Suncorp Innovation Lab

Ray Latchmanan

Principal, Channel Improvement, Digital Channels – Queensland Government

Sarah Hepworth

Data Analyst – Australian Taxation Office

Sarah Norman

Director - Strategy, Innovation & Performance – Queensland Government

Shane Marshall

Director, Information Management – Queensland Government

Siddeswara Guru

TERN Data Integration and Synthesis Coordinator – NCRIS Research Data and Infrastructure Group

Steve Jones

Director, Science Information Services – Queensland Government

Steve Knight

Principal Digital Economy Officer – Queensland Government

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