GovHack Launceston

Official Event (Tasmania)




What is GovHack?

GovHack is a 47 hour hackathon focused on using open data released or hosted by the Government (and related/similar institutions eg Universities). On Friday the 29th of July you will arrive and receive information about the available data sets. You will then join a team, formulate an idea and spend the next 47 hours taking it from scratches on paper to a functioning masterpiece. At the end you will submit some material to help judging – a few words and a short screencast/video. Prizes are then announced a few weeks later.

But what if I’m not a hacker/programmer/developer?!

Fiddlesticks. We’re all hackers in some way. And besides, GovHack teams require much more than just technical ability to win. They need people who can:

Analyse data accurately and help others in the team understand it (scientists, historians, sociologists, doctors etc) Document and create copy to help the world understand why this project deserves to win (journalists, copywriters, photographers etc) Design the interface or create the digital assets (designers, artists, illustrators etc) You don’t have to be an expert. Your skills don’t need to relate to something you do at work or at home. GovHack is first and foremost a place to share knowledge. GovHack teams – above all else – need thinkers.

What do I need to bring?

GovHack is a sponsored event and so all food, drinks and other consumables will be fully catered. This being Tassie, the food is always pretty great. The GovHack organisers go out of their way to work with interesting smaller businesses in the state, rather than going for the usual catering companies, Subway and Dominos fare. That said, what won’t be provided (with a few exceptions) is equipment, so if you need your laptop, drawing tablet, iPad, or any other piece of kit, you’ll want to bring that along with you to the event. Also, as it’s a 24-hour event, you might like to bring a sleeping bag or something similar in case you want to have a snooze at some point.

Do I need to stay for the whole 47 hours?

Not at all! In fact, traditional GovHack wisdom dictates that you’ll probably build a better product if you go home and get some sleep and don’t stretch yourself too thin. We have provisions in place for people who want to stay overnight at the venue, and venue access will be available through the night, but if you don’t live far away, you’ll probably find you have a better experience overall if you duck home for some real sleep each night.

Where’s GovHack happening in Launceston?

GovHack Hobart 2016 will be held in the Battery Shed in Launceston, near the Queen Victoria Museum in Inveresk. You can find parking nearby at the Launceston City Council carpark outside the Museum (near Blue Cafe).

What if I’m not in Launceston?

There’s another GovHack venue in Hobart, so if you’re one of our fellow hackers in the south of the state, you might find it’s more convenient to participate in that event. We’ve had plenty of people travel for GovHack in the past and people from out of town are always welcome.

Venue Details

Event Host
Joe Robinson

Queen Victoria Museum, 2 Invermay Road, Invermay, TAS, 7248

Open/Close times

Friday 29th July
05:30 PM – 11:59 PM
Saturday 30th July
08:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Sunday 31st July
08:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Building accessibility

This venue is not easily accessible for wheelchairs. There is a single step at each door external door. If you would like to double check accessibility prior to the event, please contact the local event organisers.

Under 18 participants

At this Venue you must be accompanied by a Guardian at all times.

Public transport

There is a free “Tiger Bus” that runs from the Launceston CBD to the Inveresk precinct. There’s also a bus stop on Invermay Road that is on a route from the northern suburbs (Invermay, Mowbray, UTAS, etc.).

Last call for public transport



There is a large council carpark near the Queen Victoria Museum (less than 100m from the venue) which has inexpensive all day parking. We advise participants to move their cars into the Museum staff carpark next to the venue at night, but this carpark is not accessible to us during the Museum’s opening hours.

Local Prizes

Prizes that only participants at Launceston can compete for!

Spirit of GovHack Launceston (GovHack)

Spirit of GovHack

State Prizes

Prizes that all participants in Tasmania can compete for!

Best Data Visualisation (Sense-T)

Best Data Visualisation

Best Use of Tasmanian Local Council Open Data (HCC & GCC)

Best Use of Tasmanian Local Council Open Data

Design Excellence (TasICT)

Design Excellence

Encouragement Award (Tasmanet)

Team Encouragement Award

Most Commercial Potential (Tasmanian State Government)

Most Commercial Potential

Most Disruptive Innovation (ACS)

Most Disruptive Innovation

Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit (Tasmanian State Government)

Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit

Local Data Portals

Major government data portals run by your local governments and sponsors. Check out the official datasets list for much more!

City of Launceston

The data portal for all City of Launceston data. Also available to preview on their ESRI Open Data Map.

State Data Portals

Major government data portals from all over Tasmania. Check out the official datasets list for much more!

Glenorchy City Council

The data portal for all Glenorchy City Council data.

City of Hobart

The data portal for all City of Hobart data. Also available to preview on their ESRI Open Data Map.

City of Launceston

The data portal for all City of Launceston data. Also available to preview on their ESRI Open Data Map.

Moreton Bay

The data portal for all Moreton Bay Regional Council data. Also available to preview on their ESRI Open Data Map.

The data portal for all Tasmanian Government location data. has some additional datasets.

State Mentors

Anne Fitzgerald

lawyer and open data policy consultant – Self Employed

Ben Raymond

Research scientist and Data Centre manager – Australian Antarctic Division

Josh Parry

Assistant Director – Australian Taxation Office

Simon Osborne

Project Officer – Australian Bureau of Statistics

State Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Major National Sponsors

Lead Agency

Lead Sponsor