Anthony Nolan

Innovation Officer / Data Scientist / Intelligence Analyst – Australian Taxation Office

About me

I created the ATO GovHack enhanced dataset for 2016 I made the govhack ato video from the games master I am one of the leading data scientist in the industry I have an order of Australia medal I have guest lectured data, statistics, project management, media production at the University of Technology Sydney

I scored a perfect score on an IQ test, and I have Asperger’s, adhd and dyslexia.

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Taxation statistics - Aggregated individual tax return sample files

The de-identified data from the 2013-14 individual 2% sample file ( has been aggregated to the following levels: Sex Age (5 year ranges) Occupation (1 digit level) Partner Status Location (SA4 Region name) Lodgment channel...

Taxation statistics - Individual tax return sample files

A series of sample files of individual tax return information for more advanced users. These files are confidentialised in order to protect the identities of taxpayers. The files contain a 1% sample of records for 2010-11 and earlier income years, and a 2% sample of records for the 2011-12 inc...

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