Dan Woodrow

Business Manager - Defence & Federal Government – Pitney Bowes

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Geospatial professional with a background in water and environmental management.

Additionally, a few years ago I was involved in establishing a national online database and archive for English Heritage in the UK under the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. This was a millennium-funded project by the British Government to establish a point-in-time photographic snapshot of England’s heritage-listed buildings.

The project involved associating some 300,000 photographs of buildings with their text-based records and making the data available online. My role was to work with the photographic team, contract services to digitise the photos, associate the photographs with the relevant text records and build a database that would be made available online.

I thought my experience on that project as well as that gained in taking other spatial applications through to operation might be of some use to the event.

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Digitising cultural heritage data and taking other spatial applications through to operation
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