David Horlock

Analytics & Content Management Lead – IBM

About me

I am convinced there is an enormous opportunity to provide much more effective, efficient, targeted and fair services to Australians in need by leveraging data that is already available today. I am equally convinced that there is no other company better placed to assist with this journey than IBM. Innovation through data lives within our bones - whether that be through software, hardware or consulting practices. Only IBM can deliver the strategic analytical breakthroughs this country requires to stay ahead of the pack.

Since studying Economics, Econometrics and Accounting at University my work has always revolved around finding better ways to deliver outcomes through data. Whether it be delivering systems within a highly analytical banking risk management environment, making this technology more easily accessible to smaller financial services providers in the US and Canada, or seeking those same benefits for Government departments here in Australia, I can think of no better way to contribute to a more prosperous global society.

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