Jenny Coppock

Business Development Officer – Australian Taxation Office

About me

I have developed projects across Local State and Federal Government in roles of IT, Risk Management, project management, community capacity building and economic development. Information systems and data have been the core, critical component of all of the projects that I have developed as well as supporting legislative reform, in which I have participated.

My goal is to bring my passion, skills and experience to contribute to making a positive difference to communities. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor Government agencies and communities across Australia and North America as well as agencies such as the New York City Police Department to develop programs that enhance the quality of life of citizens and build capacity of Government and other organisations as project partners.

I say: one person can make a difference and passionate, positive, like minded people together can accomplish great things.


  • Connections event
  • Friday 6pm onwards
  • Saturday 9am to 1pm

How I can help

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ABR Explorer, ABR data and systems, National data sets & maps, economic modelling and the value of Government data.
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