Julie Considine

Manager Forecasting and Modelling – WA Housing Authority

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Julie Considine is an Accredited Statistician with 20 years industry experience in statistical and analytical roles. She worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 17 years, where her roles included leadership of the WA Statistical Support Unit and the WA Statistical Consultancy unit. She is currently the Manager of Forecasting and Modelling at the WA Housing Authority.

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Housing data; ABS data; population forecasting; data matching; statistics; data trouble shooting
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Dwelling Commencements

Building Activity, Customised Table Number of Dwelling Units Commenced (Original Series), by Type of Work, Sector of Ownership and Type of Building Reference period: Quarters Sept 2011 to June 2015, Financial Years 2011/12 to 2014/15, inclusive.

Households and risk of homelessness post retirement

An analysis of Census data has been undertaken to examine households who may be at risk of homelessness once those who are employed retire from the workforce. The cohort needed to meet all of the following criteria:

Public and Affordable Housing Demand

The WA Housing Authority has developed a model to

Public Housing Presence by LGA (quartile ranking)

Local Government Areas were sorted by the proportion of Public Housing within their area

Public Housing Tenancies: Seniors and Disability

This spreadsheet is based on an extract of all WA Public Housing tenancies as at April 1st 2016

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