Justin Dombrowski

Sr. Manager, FinTech Innovation & Blockchain Technology, ASEANZ – PwC

About me

As a technology consultant, I focus on in the design, use, and implementation of emerging technologies. I have expertise in fintech, including how innovations in blockchain technology can transform the financial services, mobile banking, and IoT, from emerging markets to established industries. I consult and project manage for a range of early and established companies developing new financial products including product design/specification, regulation, industry analysis, market making, and business strategy. This includes early stage companies facing financial and growth & penetration challenges, seeking investor funding, and product pivoting. Beforehand, I co-founded an ETF/payments company that I continue to advise.

As an academic, I also specialize in the social and economic histories of European and Middle Eastern states–especially the relationships among capital markets, fiscal policy, and economic growth. This reinforces my work in innovation consulting since it intersects the world of economic anthropology, technological and financial innovation, and explaining major financial events, especially monetary transformation and periods of crisis and growth.

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