Linley Scorgie

General Manager – Tech Pilot Fund

About me

An innovative self starter, builder and implementer of Fintech systems and related consulting activity, I have catalysed and championed many projects, a record of winning key accounts, interfacing with clients, ability to assemble the right teams and lead people in diverse operational areas.Passionate about technology and when combined with a solid finance and venture capital background makes me comfortable exploring new cloud oriented financial and related opportunities.

Currently doing Venture Capital that includes strong operational and strategic involvement including product development in mobile and apps.

Previously founder and Managing Director at NetTreasury,Vencubate and Performa

My keywords would be innovative, ability to execute, getting things done.

My skill set encompasses accounting, project and corporate finance, system design, project management, project implementation. I have a strong entrepreneurial flair and have kick started numerous initiatives. I am passionate about Venture capital consulting and assisting tech start ups

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