Roger Rooney

Principal Project Manager Smart Parking Manuka – Park CBR

About me

Smart City and Wi-Fi Evangelist

A public entrepreneur, I am passionate about generating new ideas, improving processes and user experience and delivering projects that help make Canberra a Smart City and easier to get around.

How I can help

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Service issues we are evaluating in the Smart Parking Trial in Manuka with 460 bays sensors and real time data
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SmartParking Heatmap

The Heat Maps dataset displays the vehicle turnover in each of the bays reported on.

SmartParking History

This dataset contains all the historic events that have occurred at each site, such as vehicle arrivals and departures.

SmartParking Lots

The Lots dataset provides locations of the parking bay, the number of lots in the bay, the type of parking and the period of parking allowed.

SmartParking Occupancy

The Occupancy dataset displays the occupancy figures for a specified date and time range. It provides a broad understanding of what has been happening at a parking site, aggregated by day, grouped by bay.

SmartParking real time API

The SmartLot API v1 lets you query for most locations and returns:

SmartParking Stays

The Stay dataset shows the utilisation of an area down to a single bay.

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