Sarah Bolt

Senior Data Scientist – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

About me

I am the Senior Data Scientist for the Digital Network division at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). I have nearly a decade of study and experience in advanced analytical methods, statistical models and data visualization. I have worked on projects from disease outbreak detection and natural-disaster risk prediction to marketing propensity models and content recommendations. My interests lie particularly in where we can put data at the core of automated systems and decisions.

How I can help

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Predictive models, anomaly/outlier detection, machine learning, communicating with data, R, SQL, AWS Redshift
I'll be at
Sydney Official


ABC Gateway API

This API provides access to retrieve individual pieces of ABC News Content and some associated metadata. It provides users with, amongst other things, detailed information about ABC News articles including their body text. This portal to a substantial body of written News content allows sign...

Views of ABC News Digital Content (May 2016)

The Views of ABC News Digital Content dataset provides both the number of page/screen views per hour for individual pieces of ABC News content and metadata related to each piece of content. The data is taken from across different ABC digital platforms during the month of May 2016. These plat...

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