Community Resilience Hack

IAG & Bureau of Meteorology


Type: International

This category is about finding ways to help build resilience within our communities so they feel safe, connected and have the capacity to better adapt to changes. What are some of the shocks and stresses that individuals and communities might experience?

  • A natural disaster, such as flash flooding, a cyclone, earthquake or bushfire
  • High crime rates, such as frequent instances of property or car theft
  • Home and contents damage from a house fire or water leak
  • A car accident that might lead to injury and an insurance claim

The Best Community Resilience Hack will be awarded to the hack that:

  • Best helps individuals, communities and governments understand what risks they face, and/or
  • Enhances either the social support networks in a community and/or the physical assets required to reduce vulnerability and limit the financial and emotional impact of an event.


Award up to the value of $4,000 for 1st place and $2,000 for 2nd place

Eligibility Criteria

all Australian and New Zealand teams are eligible. Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.

All cash prizes are up to the value stated on the prize.
GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of
cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total
sponsorship collected. Click here for more information.

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