Future Australia Hack

Department of Education & Department of Employment


Type: Major

This category is all about the challenges faced by Australia’s future workforce. Based on current trends what will the workforce landscape look like in 2030? Can you help the next generation take advantage of opportunities? What is the changing face of industry and skills that Australia needs to take stock off. Can your analysis of data help inform policy direction for a prosperous future? Perhaps you can help educate parents of today about the future of tomorrow.


Award up to the value of $2,000 for 1st place and $1,000 for 2nd

Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.

All cash prizes are up to the value stated on the prize.
GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of
cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total
sponsorship collected. Click here for more information.

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