Inspired by Research Hack



Type: Major

This category encourages you to explore, mashup and reuse the rich sources of research data from our official dataset list. Pick your favorite topic of interest and delve into a fascinating world of facts figures. Mash up and reuse the research data to inspire new ideas, engage the community in findings or provide insights. Entries that inspire greater support for open research will hit a positive note with a judge or two. Or perhaps you will discover and share differences in open research data across institutions, states and even countries.


Award up to the value of $2,000 for 1st place and $1,000 for 2nd

Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.

All cash prizes are up to the value stated on the prize.
GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of
cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total
sponsorship collected. Click here for more information.

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