Machine Learning Hack



Type: International

We are in the age of machine learning! From IBM’s awesome Watson “Machine Learning as a Service”, to Google’s DeepDream and TensorFlow, and Facebook’s M. The past year has seen the release of many great machine learning tools and software libraries that are enabling machine learning to spread beyond the academic sphere into the hands of mere mortal programmer and analysts. We know government has some great ‘big’ datasets that might feed a machine learning problem - be that purely a measure of a dataset’s size, longitudinal data spanning decades, or de-identified unit record level data.

Think about a wicked problem that you could apply machine learning to, have a look at the data that’s available, and get creative. You might uncover some new insight for policy makers and make Australia a better place, or maybe you’ll just make an app for identifying Australian wildlife from a photo. Let’s find out!


Award up to the value of $4,000 for 1st place and $2,000 for 2nd place

Eligibility Criteria

all Australian and New Zealand teams are eligible. Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.

All cash prizes are up to the value stated on the prize.
GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of
cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total
sponsorship collected. Click here for more information.

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