Helping Schools Respond to Disasters

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education


Type: Theme

The Best Entry that supports schools to plan and respond to a physical disaster. Schools are responsible for the safety of their students and staff. When threatened with a physical disaster, such as a bushfire that may affect an entire neighbourhood , schools need to be able to become aware of the danger and act accordingly. This includes taking into account any special medical needs that students and staff may have at each of the affected schools. Coordinating with emergency services is a critical part of this situation. Parents and guardians need communication and teachers need support. Reuse data to find insights, develop tools or plan response initiatives that improve a school’s ability to respond to a physical disaster.


Cash prize(s) up to the value of $1000

Eligibility Criteria

Use datasets from CESE Datahub and/or the ones provided to GovHack. Good entries will mash up this data with datasets from other participating agencies, such as environment data about bushfire threat levels, transport or roads data.

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