Evacuation - help us get away!

Queensland Government on behalf of the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management


Type: Theme

The best concept to help your community get to safety during evacuations. Queensland is prone to natural disasters and the decision to evacuate away from a hazard is a critical one. Help disaster managers to better plan for evacuations, and help keep the community aware of what might happen if the evacuation need arises. Communities and disaster managers alike are faced with tough choices including: Which communities might require most help to evacuate? Who needs to go first when there is a need to evacuate? How should I get out?

More information and selected datasets are available from https://data.qld.gov.au/data-event/govhack/2016.


Cash prize(s) up to the value of $1000

Eligibility Criteria

You must use at least one of the data sets provided for this challenge hosted on http://data.qld.gov.au, but you are free to use data from the official GovHack list or any other data sets as long as their licensing terms permit.

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