Linking Logan - Getting people out of their cars

Logan City Council


Type: Theme

Best hack that helps Logan residents to get around. Your hack could help identify gaps in the public transport network or allow residents to compare travel times for the transport modes available to them. As long as your hack looks to address transportation and mobility challenges in Logan, you are limited only by your imagination and your data hacking skills.

Ideas: Transit information combined with ABS data and Go-Card transaction records could be used to determine how long a journey would take using public transport, and encourage public transport use by showing the number of people who already use it to make that journey. Bicycle network, traffic, and public transport data could be used to compare modal travel times.


Cash up to the value of $1,000

Eligibility Criteria

Must make use of at least one open dataset from Logan’s Open Data Portal:

All cash prizes are up to the value stated on the prize.
GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of
cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total
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