Our Prizes

Data Intelligence Hack (Data journalism, spatial modelling, analytics) (Major Prize)

This category is all about using government data to optimize business decisions.
What data intelligence can you derive from official data that would be of value to a business? Can you help industry plan, predict or model future perspectives? Perhaps you can build a tool that helps startups understand the available data and make better business decisions? Maybe you have an idea that will help business solve a problem.

That thing we all need (Bounty Prize)

OK Tech and Dev Hackers. You’ve spoken over the years, and we’ve listened.

Our Featured Datasets

ABS.Stat - GovHack instance

ABSGovHack.Stat is our dedicated GovHack instance of our public facing data warehouse - ABS.Stat. If you’re after ABS data via API, start here.

Australian Statistical Geography Standard

The ABS provides geospatial web services for the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) regions.

Characteristics of Temporary Skilled Migrants - GovHack Only Dataset


The Characteristics of Temporary Skilled Migrants test dataset is based on an experimental linked dataset.

National Regional Profile 2010-14

The National Regional Profile (NRP) provides insight into the socio-economic and environmental characteristics of regions. Data are arranged under the broad themes of Economy, Industry, People, and Energy and Environment.

Australian Bureau of Statistics DataPacks

Provides information on languages, population, ages, vehicles etc.

Our Data Portals

Australian Bureau of Statistics

abs.gov.au is the main website of Australia’s national statistical agency, providing access to downloads of trusted official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia. Data By Region provides you ease of access to ABS statistics on a particular geographical region. Use the tools to browse, search or explore by map to find statistics about different regions in Australia. You can find both a SOAP and a ReSTful API outputting easily parseable XML at our GovHack 2016 site - govhack.abs.gov.au - a copy of our data warehouse which provides you access to dozens of high demand, major statistics including our special GovHack competition datasets!