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Fresh Data Hack (APIs and Data Services) (Major Prize)

Fresh data is the best! This category is about creating concepts that access automatically refreshed data. Data used must be automatically refreshed through an API, data service, web-service or even a regular FTP data refresh. Your concept must include a regular refresh of data to update content. This is your opportunity to show how data that is current and refreshed can provide a more valuable and reliable community service.

New Infrastructure (Bounty Prize)

To Determine the impacts and/or opportunities of a proposed or approved new infrastructure. This could be the impact on the existing community and/or business. It could inform government and/or business decision making. Examples that could be used, but are not limited to, include: Light rail Gold Coast, Light rail Canberra, Light rail Sydney; Proposed second airport Sydney, Proposed Freeway bypass

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ABN Lookup Webservices

The ABN Lookup web services allow you to integrate ABN Lookup validation and data into your own applications.

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