Our Prizes

Innovative Ideas Hack (Major Prize)

Do you have an innovative idea that is powered by data? Digital disruption is changing the way we do things, Intrigued by Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart cities? Are you loving some new technology you want to play with? Can you science the heck out of data? Maybe you like tinkering with sensors or microprocessors? This category is where disruptors, innovators and makers can shine.

Securing Personal Property (Bounty Prize)

Surprise us! Most interesting representation/visualisation to highlight stories/insights from the data! Mash-up with other data to show the Personal Property Securities Register’s (PPSR) role/value in the economy!

Our Featured Datasets

Ages of insolvent debtors

AFSA publish statistics on the age of insolvent debtors at the time of their insolvency. Debtors supply their date of birth on the statement of affairs. AFSA calculate the age of debtors using date of birth from the statement of affairs and the date that their personal insolvency commenced.

Business and non-business related personal insolvency statistics

AFSA publish a breakdown of business and non-business personal insolvency statistics quarterly for bankrupts, debt agreement debtors and personal insolvency agreement debtors. The time series started in March 2003

Causes of personal insolvency

AFSA collect information about the reason persons become insolvent based on data from the statement of affairs. The statement of affairs requires the debtor to select a single cause of insolvency from a given list. The causes of insolvency are debtors’ opinions of what best describes the main ...

Gender of insolvent debtors

Gender of insolvent debtors is an annual publication. AFSA use the data on gender provided by debtors on the Statement of Affairs.

Industry breakdown of PPSR registrations

This dataset was specially created by AFSA for GovHack 2016. It contains the number of new registrations on the PPSR by ANZSIC industry division and subdivision.

Occupations of debtors

AFSA asked insolvent debtors to nominate their usual trade or profession. The responses are classified using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

Personal insolvency by postcode

AFSA publish the number of bankrupts, debt agreement debtors and personal insolvency agreement debtors by postcode. The time series starts in 2010–11. Any cell with a value containing one or two have been suppressed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of bankrupts and debtors. Suppresse...

Personal insolvency statistics

AFSA publish provisional quarterly and annual personal insolvency statistics on bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements for all states and territories.

Regional statistics

AFSA publish State, Greater Capital Cities Statistical Area (GCCSA) and Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3) breakdown of the number of debtors with business and non-business related personal insolvencies on a quarterly basis, using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australian Statistical Ge...