Our Featured Datasets

Biodiversity Data - Greater Geelong

Information about different biosite areas across the Geelong region. Each site has unique flora and fauna associated plus other relevant attributes.

Built Environment Inventory - Greater Geelong

The Built Environment Inventory data show the accessibility of lifestyle amenities and potential health pitfalls.

Employment by Sector - Greater Geelong

Number of jobs per industry sector and percentage of total sector. A comparison between regions: Greater Geelong, G21, Victoria.

Flood Extent - City of Greater Geelong

‘Flood Extent’ shows the extent of the largest recorded historical flood event or estimated 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) design flood event. Quality of data varies from high quality with floodmapping from detailed flood studies (eg Barwon River) to low quality where flood extent has ...

Geelong Thermal Imagery

Thermal Imagery was captured in Jan 2013, the data displays an anomaly in that general surface temperatures increase from west to east. We are looking to correct inconsistencies in the Thermal Imagery conditions dataset and produce a more accurate dataset for future publication.

Population Projections - Greater Geelong

Forecasts of Geelong’s population growth for the next 50 years. The data shows a breakdown of both resident and private dwelling information and breaks this down by suburb.

Powercor Public Lights - City of Greater Geelong

The Powercor Public Lights show over 24,000 lighting locations, Watts Ratings and Lamp Type for the City of Greater Geelong.

Tourism Value Added - Greater Geelong

A comparison between regions: Greater Geelong, G21, Victoria.

Trees - Greater Geelong

Points describe the locations of street and park trees in the City of Greater Geelong. Attributes describe the tree species, age, size, and health.