Our Prizes

Future Australia Hack (Major Prize)

This category is all about the challenges faced by Australia’s future workforce. Based on current trends what will the workforce landscape look like in 2030? Can you help the next generation take advantage of opportunities? What is the changing face of industry and skills that Australia needs to take stock off. Can your analysis of data help inform policy direction for a prosperous future? Perhaps you can help educate parents of today about the future of tomorrow.

Student Dropout Rates (Bounty Prize)

What are the main characteristics associated with students dropping out of higher education, who is not completing, what are the trends since 2005 and have there been any dramatic changes? Provide as much detail as possible and present the results in an appropriate format that is easily accessible.

Our Featured Datasets

Higher Education Attrition Rates 2005-2013

Higher education attrition (dropout) rate data for commencing domestic bachelor students at Table A (public) universities. Attrition rates are provided for a number of student characteristics and by geographical area (Statistical Level 3 and Local Government Areas).

Vocational Educational and Training (VET) data

Vocational Education and Training (VET) data provides information on how people train and learn skills for work. This includes apprentices, trainees and TAFE students.