Our Prizes

Fresh Data Hack (APIs and Data Services) (Major Prize)

Fresh data is the best! This category is about creating concepts that access automatically refreshed data. Data used must be automatically refreshed through an API, data service, web-service or even a regular FTP data refresh. Your concept must include a regular refresh of data to update content. This is your opportunity to show how data that is current and refreshed can provide a more valuable and reliable community service.

Local Industry Activity (Bounty Prize)

Using datasets from Employment, Education and Industry, and any other suitable datasets, analyse whether people are training and/or retraining to respond to changes in local industry activity and labour markets Hint: Consider the benefit of this information for jobseekers

Our Featured Datasets

SA3 Region Innovation Data 2009-15

This dataset reports on innovation activities (R&D expenditure, patent and trademark counts) and business creation (new businesses) across SA3 regions in Australia.