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Our Prizes

Exploring Underground (Bounty Prize)

The most creative and exciting use of our subsurface data. We have this really cool data about what’s going on underground: Help us figure out a new fun way to explore it!

No Boundaries Data Hack (Major Prize)

This category is about using data from multiple states and territories to unlock the value of data across our borders to understand If you think this is just a map, think again. Winning entries will seek to anlayse information and deliver location intelligence.

Our Featured Datasets

3D Geologic Models of Australia

Geoscience Australia (GA) has created a unique collection of 3D structural and geological models and model inputs for Australia and its near shore regions.

EarthSci - Data Visualisation Tool

EarthSci is an Eclipse RCP platform for creating applications for the visualisation of earth science data. It is an evolution of the existing GA World Wind Suite built on the NASA World Wi...

Marine Connectivity Database Subset

A new fully four-dimensional biophysical dispersal model has been developed by Geoscience Australia, that uses the parallel processing ability of the National Computational Infrastructure Facility supercomputer (, to handle large numbers of simulated larvae, and that can als...

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