Our Prizes

Hiding Wally (Bounty Prize)

There are privacy concerns associated with the publishing of datasets containing the data of identifiable individuals. De-identification methodologies can be laborious or complex and are often a barrier to sharing data. Governments are worrired about the Mosaic Effect. Can you help Governments solve this problem?

Innovative Ideas Hack (Major Prize)

Do you have an innovative idea that is powered by data? Digital disruption is changing the way we do things, Intrigued by Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart cities? Are you loving some new technology you want to play with? Can you science the heck out of data? Maybe you like tinkering with sensors or microprocessors? This category is where disruptors, innovators and makers can shine.

Our Mentors

Adam Ismail

Senior Project Officer

Angelique Richmond

Principal Project Officer

Damien Killin

Director, Performance Monitoring and Reporting

David Ives

Director, Digital Economy Development

David Wainwright

Director Air Quality Sciences

Deniz Clarke

Principal Property Officer

Donna Pottinger

Manager, Privacy and Right to Information Unit, Department of Health

Earl Butterworth

Data Governance

Einar Oddsson

Principle Policy Officer

Jason Shen

Science Leader

Jennifer Inoue

Director, Innovation and Transformation

Lemm Ex

Principal Privacy Officer

Lisa Blackmore

Open Data Officer

Mike Shapland

Director Interoperability and Innovation

Paul Cavallaro

A/Director Open Data Policy

Paul Stewart

Principal Digital Economy Officer

Ray Latchmanan

Principal, Channel Improvement, Digital Channels

Sarah Norman

Director - Strategy, Innovation & Performance

Shane Marshall

Director, Information Management

Steve Jones

Director, Science Information Services

Steve Knight

Principal Digital Economy Officer

Therese Cumner

Senior Policy Officer - Open Data Policy

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