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Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912

These indexes were created from the Registers of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports as kept and used by the Immigration Department from 1848 to 1912. Read more about these immigration...

Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933 to 1963

This index was compiled from the registers of patient deaths as primarily created by the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital between 1933 and 1963. Read more about these hospital registe...

Business Discount Directory

Businesses registered in the Carer and/or the Seniors Business Discount Card scheme which provide discounts or offers to holders of a Seniors Card, a Seniors Card +go, a Seniors Business Discount Card and/or a Carer Business Discount Card and venues participating in the Companion Card scheme.<...

Cardholders Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Cardholders.

Consistent Climate Scenarios

Consistent Climate Scenarios (CCS) data are daily climate projections data for Australian locations for years centred on 2030 and 2050. The data have been developed by adjusting SILO historical climate data according to AR4 based climate projections for 2030 and 2050. Since mid-2012, CCS data ...

Convict Indexes

Between 1788 and 1842 about 80,000 convicts were transported to New South Wales. Of these, about 85% were men and 15% were women. Almost two thirds of convicts were English (along with a small number of Scottish and Welsh), with the Irish making up the remaining one third.

DSITI—Queensland Government Investment Portal (QGIP)

Records of investments in front line service delivery including expenditure records, available funding and data for local government areas.

Environmental characteristics series

This series is based on information extracted from the Soil and Land Information (SALI) database and relates to inherent properties of the landscape which may impact on surface water quality.

General transit feed specification (GTFS)—qconnect

Timetable data and stop locations for all available TransLink divison qconnect urban bus services.

Monthly Supervised Driving Experience Books Approved

Monthly number of approved supervised driving experience books (Learner Driver Logbooks.)

Queensland emergency departments

A list of Queensland emergency departments by facility name

Queensland Flood Mapping Program 2015 series

The Queensland Flood Mapping Program is part of the State Government’s response to the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry. It was completed by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority in 2012-2013 to undertake flood investigations for high risk flood prone townships across the State.

Queensland Resilience Index

The Queensland Resilience Index measures the recognition, recall and actions taken by people in relation to the Get Ready Queensland campaign and gives a measure of public disaster preparedness.

Registers of immigrants 1882 to 1938

This index was compiled from a selection of registers recording immigrant arrivals at various Queensland ports, as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1882 to 1938. Read more about these

Road crash locations - Queensland

This dataset shows the position of vehicular crash incidents in Queensland. This includes fatalities, injuries and vehicular damage. The point of truth for this dataset is the Queensland government open data website at,https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/crash-data-from-queensland-roads

Rural properties - Queensland

This dataset shows the extent of named Rural Properties (horticultural or agricultural farms) within the State of Queensland. The data has been compiled from numerous sources to produce a state wide coverage with the boundaries aligned to the Queensland Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). Attri...

Science capability directory

The Queensland Science Capability Directory provides information on the state’s key research capabilities, science expertise, and collaboration and investment opportunities.

State Library of Queensland - British convict transportation registers

This dataset contains details for convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries including name of convict, including any known aliases, place of trial, term of years, name of ship and date of departure, place of arrival. Over 123,000 out of the estimated 160,000 convicts tra...

Tasmanian Convicts - permission to marry (1829-1857).

Convicts applying to marry free people or other convicts. Over 280,000 records (as at 14/4/2016). Available via the Tasmanian Names Index

Tasmanian Deaths (1803-1933)

People who died in Tasmania including some burial records collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 burials only). Available via the Tasmanian Names Index.

Toowoomba prison records 1864 to 1906

These indexes were compiled from Toowoomba prison records including Court book, Discharge book, Prisoners admitted and Register of Female Prisoners. These records were created by HM Goal (later Prison) Toowoomba from 1864 to 1906. Read more about these

Underlying cause of death, selected causes, Queensland

Underlying cause of death, selected causes, Queensland